Number Tiles
Number Tiles is a 2048 puzzle game that stimulates challenges. And exercises your calculation skills. Want to challenge your calculation and puzzle-solving skills? Let's see how high you can go!

What are the features of the game?

The game is based on simple rules. Adjust the position of number blocks to achieve specific goals. Compared with traditional 2048 games, the interface design is more refined and beautiful. This game not only provides entertainment. But also helps to exercise calculation skills and logical thinking. To solve each level, you need to flexibly use the number of cubes to make the best decisions. This will help you improve your mathematical calculation skills. Also, improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Easy and fun gameplay.

As a casual game, it is easy to pick up, with simple but challenging rules. You can adjust the position of the number blocks. Merge blocks with the same number through simple touch and slide operations. Complete the ultimate goal of 2048. This game is perfect for relaxing in your spare time.

Play now and enjoy a fun, and addicting online 2048 puzzle game.

This game is an exciting challenge, a simple aesthetic number puzzle game. The game integrates entertainment with simple and clear rules and exquisite interface design. At the same time, it provides multi-level challenges and endless fun. And helping you exercise your calculation ability and logical thinking. Enjoy the joy of solving puzzles anytime, anywhere. Open the game now and start challenging yourself!